Week 2 

Joint Meeting 11-9-2019

We have discussed a first set of main requirements for the non-linear amplifier, which are listed below. 

  • Battery
    • Capacity: 12 uAh
    • Internal resistance: Still unknown
    • Output voltage: 3.7 V
    • Amplifier operation should be independent of output voltage
  • Approximate lifetime of sensor node
    • Water pipeline: 1 day
    • Chemical pipeline: 2 weeks
    • Oil (reservoir): 2 days
  • Scheduling/Medium Access
    • Event-driven model
      • 3D accelerometer
      • 3D gyroscope
      • 3D Hall sensor
      • Pressure sensor
    • CSMA/CA
    • Fixed message length
  • Range
    • In the order of 0.5 m (0.3 m – 1 m)
  • Bandwidth
    • 100 kHz – 1 MHz (first estimate)
    • Could be reduced through demodulation
  • Accuracy
    • Less important than power usage
    • Can be compensated for in computation stage
    • V-d curve must be monotonically decreasing
    • V-d curve may scale with 1/d (constant delta d/d)

To do Meeting 12-9-2019

  • Review of the requirements
  • Discussion of frontend subsystems (with view on energy model)
  • Discussion of experimental verification of non-linear amp concept
  • Discussion of log amp types (vs. translinear)
  • Setting up a planning 

Review of Meeting 12-9-2019

  • Discussed the main structure of the design process
    • Planning
      • To be performed with a Gantt chart
      • Set milestones throughout the design period
        • Each milestone is reviewed (presentation)
        • Each milestone has a clear deliverable
    • Requirement Specification
      • Make sure to add references to the requirements (ensures that reqs are motivated)
      • If requirement is changed, motivate why the change has been made 
    • Global (Architectural) Design
      • Block-level design
      • Note that also the interfaces between the blocks should be clearly defined!
    • Detailed (Circuit) Design
    • Verification
  • Worked on setting up the live stream for the Phoenix Workshop on September 13th
  • Next meeting will be held on Monday, September 16th

Week 3

To Do Meeting 16-9

  • Prepare a set of top-level requirements, based on the current publications of the Phoenix project.

Meeting 16-9

  • Discussed the requirements that were collected during the weekend

To Do Meeting 18-9

  • Research the working principle of a "switching mixer" circuit
  • Refine the previously defined top-level requirements 
  • Research frequency-dependence attenuation of fluid media w.r.t. magnetic fields
  • Research fluid velocity in water pipelines, oil pipelines and chemical pipelines
  • Research suitable battery technologies for the sensor motes
  • Set up a first draft of the planning

Week 4

To Do Meeting 23-9

  • Get Cadence up and running
  • Start with architectural design
  • Write introduction of paper

Week 5

To Do Meeting 29-9

  • Bespreek spoel-parameters
    • Modulatiebandbreedte
    • Draaggolf
    • Power/Voltage
    • Lumped model
  • Bespreek Req. Spec
  • Bespreek model van ADC-logamp paar
  • Bespreek MATLAB tool voor ontwerp ADC-logamp paar
  • Controleer ruisgetal definitie
  • Alternatieven voor logarithmische overdracht
  • Capacitieve belasting (welke ADC wordt gebruikt?)
  • Hoe definieren we de spanning: Amplitude/RMS?
  • Milestone meeting 


Joint Meeting 1-10-2019

  • Read up AM modulation schemes, I/Q receivers, mixers
  • Look up envelope detection circuits
  • Investigate novel architecture (double diode feedback)
  • Upload paper (doesn't seem to work)

Week 6

Joing Meeting 8-10-2019

  • Presented both architecture possibilites
  • Add time in schedule for stability analysis of amplifier design
  • Look into taylor expansion of ln -> Indication of required bandwidth
  • Look into COTS op amps
  • Try to use diode-connected BJTs or subthreshold MOSFETS instead of diodes 
  • Look into bandgap references


Brief Meeting 11-10-2019

  • Discussed the lack of high GBP COTS op amps
  • Will look into op amps which work provided one (or more) of the requirements is ignored (if needed)
  • Will contact Carlos next week on the topic of patent application
  • Will write second page of paper over the weekend